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Top Air Conditioning FAQs in Tuscola, IL, and Surrounding Areas

As the summer heat rolls into Tuscola, IL, and surrounding areas, many homeowners have questions about how to keep their air conditioning systems running efficiently and effectively. At All Pro Heating AC Plumbing, we understand the importance of a well-functioning AC unit during the hottest months of the year. To help you stay cool and comfortable, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common air conditioning FAQs. From understanding how long your AC can run continuously to knowing when to call for professional help, we’ve got you covered with expert advice and recommendations.

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How long can an AC run continuously?

An air conditioner can run continuously for several hours, especially during extreme heat when it needs to work harder to maintain the desired indoor temperature. However, if your AC runs non-stop without reaching the set temperature, it might indicate a problem such as inadequate insulation, a dirty filter, or an undersized unit. Ideally, a properly functioning air conditioner should cycle on and off throughout the day, maintaining a balance between energy efficiency and comfort.

How do I stop my air conditioner from running constantly?

To prevent your air conditioner from running constantly, start by checking and replacing the air filter, if it’s dirty. Ensure that your thermostat settings are appropriate and not too low. Additionally, inspect your home for any leaks or insufficient insulation that may be causing cool air to escape. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, it may be time to call a professional HVAC technician to perform a thorough system inspection and identify any underlying problems.

Should I turn off my AC if it’s not cooling?

If your AC is not cooling properly, it’s best to turn it off to prevent further strain on the system and potential damage. Check the air filter and ensure it’s clean, as a clogged filter can impede airflow. Also, inspect the outdoor unit for any visible obstructions. If these basic checks don’t resolve the issue, contact a reputable HVAC service provider to diagnose and fix the problem. Running a malfunctioning AC can lead to higher energy bills and more extensive repairs.

What temperature should I set my AC to in summer?

For optimal comfort and energy efficiency, it’s recommended to set your AC to around 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re at home during the summer. When you’re away, consider raising the temperature by a few degrees to save on energy costs. Using a programmable thermostat can help maintain consistent temperatures and reduce the workload on your AC unit, ensuring it operates efficiently.

Is 72 degrees too cold for AC?

Setting your AC to 72 degrees is generally acceptable if it provides the comfort you desire, but it can lead to higher energy consumption and strain on your system, especially during extremely hot days. To balance comfort and efficiency, consider setting your thermostat closer to 78 degrees when possible. If you find 72 degrees necessary for comfort, ensure your system is well-maintained to handle the increased workload.

How to check if my AC is cooling properly?

To check if your AC is cooling properly, start by measuring the temperature of the air coming from the vents and comparing it to the temperature of the air entering the return vent. A difference of 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit typically indicates that your AC is working efficiently. Additionally, ensure that the airflow is strong and consistent. If you notice weak airflow, unusual noises, or inconsistent cooling, it may be time to schedule a professional inspection.

Why is my AC blowing cool air but not cooling the house?

If your AC is blowing cool air but not cooling the house effectively, it could be due to several reasons such as inadequate insulation, a refrigerant leak, or a dirty evaporator coil. Ensure that your windows and doors are sealed properly to prevent cool air from escaping. If the problem persists, it’s best to call a professional HVAC technician to inspect the system and diagnose the issue. 

How to know if the refrigerant is low in my AC?

Low refrigerant levels in your AC can lead to reduced cooling efficiency and longer running times. Signs of low refrigerant include ice buildup on the refrigerant lines, hissing or bubbling noises from the unit, and an inability to reach the desired temperature. If you suspect low refrigerant, it’s essential to contact a certified HVAC technician to check the levels and recharge the system if necessary. Attempting to handle refrigerant issues on your own can be hazardous and may cause further damage to the system.

How to fix a blocked or clogged condenser coil in my AC?

Fixing a blocked or clogged condenser coil involves cleaning the coil to ensure optimal airflow and heat exchange. First, turn off the power to the unit and remove any debris from around the outdoor unit. Use a soft brush or a vacuum to gently clean the coil fins. For a deeper clean, you can use a coil cleaner specifically designed for HVAC systems. If you’re not comfortable performing this task yourself, or if the coil is severely clogged, it’s best to call a professional HVAC technician to handle the cleaning safely.

What are the symptoms of a clogged condenser coil in my AC?

Symptoms of a clogged condenser coil include reduced cooling efficiency, longer cooling cycles, higher energy bills, and potential system overheating. You may also notice the outdoor unit running more loudly or the coil appearing dirty and covered in debris. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage to your AC system. Regular maintenance and cleaning by a professional HVAC service can help keep your condenser coil in optimal condition. 

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